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Virtual Tours

Marketing your properties with virtual tours.

Recent Virtual Tours

Virtual tours have been around for a while and provide a convenient way for home shoppers to view photos of a listing. But virtual tours can provide great marketing opportunities for the Realtor and help reach more potential buyers.

Once you upload photos to your MLS system they are now out of your control. Most MLS systems limit the size of the images and are low resolution. Then those images are send over a feed to other Real Estate web sites like and others. Same low quality images. When building our virtual tours I use high quality, high resolution images. Whether viewing on a large desk top monitor, laptop, tablet or smart phone, the images look great! By the way, if you are building your own tours on a Flash based app, those slide shows are not viewable on a mobile device like a tablet or phone.

Those are good reasons to use our tours but it gets much better. Our software allows us to syndicate the tour to other Real Estate web sites like and through, it goes to Zillow, Trulia, Front Door, Vast and others. I am an authorized agent for and are charged a fee for this service but the other web sites are free. I do charge $25 to post to to cover their fee. If you are a member of, you can add the tour for free.

Virtual Tours can be converted to video and posted to YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, they are free and easy to set up. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Good reason to post your listings there. Once on YouTube, they can be embed to your web site. The cost is just $10 per tour to convert and post to YouTube.

Without any extra effort on your part, I can put a virtual tour with high quality images in front of thousands of potential home buyers. I monitor the traffic viewing these tours and the number of photos viewed can quickly be in the thousands.

Emailed tour statistics: On a weekly basis, our software sends an email to your inbox with tour statistics. This shows the amount of traffic, where it is coming from and other valuable information. Not only can this information be helpful to you but you can share with the seller to show the effort being made to sell their property.

Do you use Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter? Tours can easily be posted to your social media accounts. They show mapping including Google Street View (where available) and school information.

You receive both branded and MLS compliant tour versions with your portrait, logo and all contact info. You can even download a printable flyer.

Call me and set an appointment for us to shoot your next listing. I will be requesting some information to set up your account and info on your listing. I take it from there and do much of the marketing work for you.

The next time you are selling yourself to a perspective home owner, explain that you use high quality professional photography from Mark Dolan Photography and extensive marketing using Virtual Tours to reach thousands of potential buyers. Pictures sell homes! The more interest, the higher the selling price. Those commission checks are looking pretty good!

Marketing with Virtual Tours
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